RCS Training (RCS) is a real estate training entity based at 5373 W. Alabama Suite 500,Houston, TX 77056. RCS teaches the proven and powerful proprietary real estate concept known as the RC System©™ aka The Reverse Close which overcomes all credit issues to allow a family to get their home of choice. Disclosure: RCS is not a lender and does not make loans or take loan applications. Every RC System©™ transaction requires the use of licensed Realtors and Lenders

RCS Training teaches home buyers how to get their home of choice with no credit check using the RC System©™. All appointments are booked on line by clicking on the button Set a Home Buyer Appointment

RCS Training teaches Realtors how to use the RC System toe expand their pool of p potential buyers by over 500%. The RC System Realtor Certification Course is provided at no cost because Exodus Title, “The Investor Friendly Title Company”, sponsors the training on Tuesdays 12-1:30pm at their office. Location: 5909 West Loop South, Suite 490 Bellaire, TX 77401

70% of all millionaires generated their wealth from real estate. Knowledge is Power. The key to financial freedom is available to everyone through real estate. Your experience, education, age, or background doesn’t matter. The primary ingredient for success is your desire. You don’t need any cash or credit to make offers and assign contracts.

RCS Training teaches entrepreneurs how to use the proprietary Reverse Close Concept to create unlimited income as a Transaction Engineer (TE). TE’s learn how to be a “Wholesaler.” A Wholesaler is a real estate investor that contracts to buy & sell homes and assign contracts to other investors without using any of their own cash or credit. RCS has exclusive rights to provide training for Entrepreneurs to become licensed to teach and use the intellectual property known as the RC System aka The Reverse Close Concept.